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Hate it when your partner uses their phone during a conversation? Often feel like you’re spending more time with your devices than with each other?

Your Relationship Is Phubbed is a wake-up call to how smartphones and devices are f’king up your relationships.

There’s a lot of good relationship advice for couples out there. But most of it goes out the window when you’re being phubbed in the face, ghosted on Facebook, or dragged aside and demanded to smile for Yet. Another. Damn. Relfie. #couplegoals.

Smartphones and social media bring a whole new challenge to authentic and loving relationships. They destroy communication and connection, cripple intimacy and sex, magnify jealousy and resentment, and cause lots of other toxic problems like making any time you spend alone with your partner feel like you might as well be on different planets.

The common advice for couples is to cut down. Keep phones out of the bedroom. Go on a digital vacation. Disconnect.

But time and time again, this advice fails. We’re in relationships with our smartphones, and by denying that fact you only increase the itchy fingers and temptation and make things significantly worse.

But if you understand what’s really going on and seize control, you’ll see you don’t need to surrender your beloved electronic companions to enjoy healthy and passionate relationships.

Understand Phubbing, Paping, Ghosting & Other Trending Relationship Problems

You share a bed with your phones, so it’s about time you understand how they affect you. Like what’s really going on when your partner is absorbed in the screen when you’re out with friends. Or the real drivers behind your uncontrollable urge to take a photo of every single thing. Or why you and your partner only seem to argue and talk about difficult issues over text.

Learn Why These Problems Are So Damaging To Loving & Respectful Relationships

So what if you only discuss important issues over text or regularly spend whole evenings glued to your phones? This book explains the hidden, long-term effects of these problems and reveals how smartphones are quite literally draining the life and passion out of your relationship.

Discover How To Reignite The Flame & Reclaim Your Relationship From Your Phones

No-nonsense advice on how to overcome the grip of smartphones and decrease their devastating effects on your relationship. Including what to do about Digital Infidelity and if your partner is constantly messaging their ex. And how to put an end to ‘Phoney Sex’ and digital disruptions during intimate moments.

In Your Relationship Is Phubbed, you’ll also learn:

  • What are ‘Social Media Selves’ and how you’re really in two relationships.
  • Why the phone is man’s and woman’s new best friend.
  • What is ‘Ambient Awareness’ and why it never feels like it’s just the two of you when you’re alone together.
  • The real reason why your partner using their phone at the dinner table drives you bat sh*t crazy.
  • The one powerful exercise that trumps every bit of digital management advice you’ve ever heard.

About The Author

A British Freelance Writer of the millennial generation, Joseph Pennington uses words to get a firmer grip on the crazy and rapidly-getting-crazier world we live in. He wroteYour Relationship Is Phubbed as he believes you don’t need to choose between a tech-filled and healthy, balanced life, and that with a little effort on your part you can live in connected harmony.

Discover why your relationship is phubbed and do something about it. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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